World Premiere
July 1st, 2018
Mount Scio Savoury Farm - St. John's, NL

Travel through an outdoor concert of meditation and magic.

On July 1, 2018, Choral Canada presented a daring, expansive, and innovative, 90-minute, multi-disciplinary performance called …float…. Audiences walked in silence along a 1.2 km wooded path at Mount Scio Savoury Farm in St. John’s Newfoundland, where they discovered immersive art installations, live actors, and exquisite choral music highlighting a resource integral to the geography and identity of all of Canada: water.

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5 choirs, 5 original compositions, and 1 mass ensemble finale.

As the audience flowed through the forest surrounding Mount Scio Savoury Farm, the theme of ‘Sight + Sound’ truly came alive. Immersive and eclectic, …float… brought choral music out of the performance hall and onto untraditional stages. From an all men’s choir performing in a thick stand of juniper trees, to an all girls choir performing in a field of Queen Anne’s Lace, …float… was as surreal a spectacle as Canadian choral music has seen.

Relive the Performances

Whether you joined us during the live performances, or if you want to learn more about what …float… was, our Experience section contains images, videos, and audio clips from all of the performances.