…float… was an outdoor travelling concert at Mount Scio Savoury Farm on July 1st, 2018. The show was dedicated to Mr. John Arthur Carter, the founder of the Mount Scio Savoury Farm, who passed away in 2017.

Presented by Choral Canada and co-created with director Jillian Keiley and designer Shawn Kerwin, …float… featured five incredible choirs from across the country, performing in various niches of the farm landscape. This was a unique concert in which guides lead audiences along the trails of the farm to hear the choirs.

Throughout their travels, the audience was presented with stunning art installations that were centered around the theme of water. These art installations spanned the entire route, approximately 1.2km long!

The concert featured Choeur de chambre du Québec; Elektra Women’s Choir; Newman Sound Men’s Choir; Oakville Choir for Children & Youth: Raise Her Voice (Oakville, ON); and Ullugiagâtsuk Choir.

Each choir performed a new composition (commissioned specifically for this project) by Deantha Edmunds (arr. Leslee Heys), Alice Ho, Robert Ingari, Alexina Louie, Michael Snelgrove, and Andrew Staniland.

The audience became a part of the performance in the finale, using the new …float… app created by Dr. Yuanzhu Chen and graduate student Ali Alfosool of Memorial University which turns your iPhone into a singing bowl.

Choral Canada ensured that …float… was accessible for all persons in partnership with Kathy Hawkins from InclusionNL. An accessibility guide was developed in advance and every effort was made to ensure all patrons had equal access to …float…

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Relive the Performances

Whether you joined us during the live performances, or if you want to learn more about what …float… was, our Experience section contains images, videos, and audio clips from all of the performances.